"Four headed shark attack" - 7" Single

A: Four-headed shark attack

B: Fourty feet spider

    Bats from outer space

Kamikaze Records is offering international shipping for our new vinyl single "Four-headed shark attack". For only 6 euros they will send you 1-3 singles. And for 8 euros you can even get 4 or more. Yeeeeehaaaaaaw...

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CD / LP:

"Teenagers love" CD / LP

1.Do The Waikiki 2.Hubble Bubble 3.Baby let's rock tonight 4.Jungle Rock 5.Be true to your girl 6.Monsters From The Sea 7.My girl's radioactive 8.Mad Robots 9.Judy's On The Stars 10.Cry Myself To Sleep 11.Stick Around Me 12.My Girlfriend Is A Sumoringer 13.Do The Rat 14.Love Love Love 15.The Headed Girlfriend 16.Hully Gully 17.Halfway To Sanity On The Road To Ruin



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"Hula on mars"  CD

1.Intro 2.Hula on Mars 3. Wild Cat Stomp   4.I Wanna Have My Fun 5.(Move on Faster) Little G.T.O. 6.Hawaiians Wanna Dance 7.Just For You 8.Rock'n'roll Overdose 9.My baby´s got mystery feet 10.Teeny Weeny Wop 11.Here Comes The Monkey 12.Do the Kangoroo 13.Vampire Girl 14.You won't be 15.Waikiki Playbat Club 16.Blitzkrieg Rockin' Doll 17.Travoltas Summer (I Don't Wanna Go Home Tonight)



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Compilations / DVD / TV:

"Hawaii Five-0" TV Series (episode 175)


track: hubble bubble

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"A tribute to the Groovie Ghoulies - when the kids go go go crazy"

Kamikaze Records

track: jetpack

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"Rock´n Roll Wild Boys" DVD

FunAct Pictures

track: Hully Gully

"The PWA World Tour 2006 " DVD

Tonix Pictures

track: Hawaiians wanna dance



"Where The Fun Never Sets Vol. 2"

Cabana 1 Records

track: mary jane


"Banzai! Poppunk Nuggets Vol. 1" CD

 tracks: "Blitzkrieg Rockin´doll" and "bigfoot crush"

30 unreleased tracks; 76 minutes PopPunk! The CD comes in a deluxe single sized carboard sleeve. Limited edition of 1000 copies incl. a poster with the comic artwork by Fritte.

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"Banzai Comp. No.16"

track: Vampire Girl



"Bubblegum Attack ... off the Diapers"  

track: Vampire Girl



"OX Compilation No.51"

track: 40 feet spider



"Green Hell Comp. No.3"

track: Back to Hawaii



"Banzai Comp. No.11"

track: Hully Gully (alt. Version)



"Banzai Compilation No.9"

track: Jungle Rock