Hawaii Five-O, here we go!

Finaly the producers of the world famous TV series HAWAII FIVE-O have noticed the genius of THE HAWAIIANS. :-) For episode 175 they used our crazy singalong "Hubble Bubble". The episode was shown on american TV on November 17th 2017. Broadcasting in europe is not yet known. Thanks to Peter M. Lenkov, everybody at EYE Productions and CBS Television Studios, it's a great honour for us.



Goodbye, Groovie Ghoulies

"When The Kids Go Go Go Crazy": 31 bands from around the world pay tribute to the fantastic GROOVIE GHOULIES. This compilation is put together by THE HAWAIIANS, who present a varied collection with bands not only from the poppunk scene.… There are a couple of rockabilly, surf, and rock’n’roll pearls, too. THE APERS, ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, McRACKINS, THE INDEPENDENTS, SONIC DOLLS or NIKKI CORVETTE stand beside THE PEACOCKS, THE JIZZ KIDS, THE POPSTERS and many more promising bands. The record is adorned with a gorgeous frontcover artwork by Stefan Tijs (Stardumb Records). Inside the booklet you’ll find liner notes by Jerry Hormone and information on every single band.

Our tribute version of "jet pack":